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Varis Kane, the Highborn Magus by Owen Sorenson

Prologue: Varis clashed with his master, Siviis Glynn, the Archmage of the Sun. They threw bolts of shimmering fire at each almost as if they were having a snowball fight. The bolts singed at their robes, sending a sharp smell into their noses. Varis ran to a pillar of quartz capped in gold and hid ...


A Disease of a Nation by Vivian Koester

Hate and fear of the different has diseased this country for centuries. It starts as a “phobia” or an “ism” in the cerebrum. It is a seed planted by your parents. Your peers. Our white privileged culture. It will move down your throat tightening around your windpipe and strangling you. This illness controls your speech ...


father//me by Charlie Escorcia

I’m three; my father and I live together. We don’t just share a roof; we exist and grow together. My family misinterprets my curiosity as troublemaking and non-compliance. Stay Still! Dad introduces me to puzzles, games, and books. Teach yourself, if you want to know something, research it, he says. He didn’t even finish elementary ...