SciFri: First Contact: How It’ll Go Down

A couple days back I wrote about the implications of first contact, but I said nothing about how it would happen. I would like to speak on that now. Currently the SETI (search for extra-terrestrial intelligence) Institute is actively searching the skies for radio signals from alien planets, in the hope that we'll soon begin ...


English Paper Contest!

We know how you feel. You read that headline and you're tingling already. It's true! We're here to announce City High Review's first end-of-trimester English Paper Contest. Send us the best English paper you've written all year, whether for class or not, and encourage your friends to do the same. The prize will be $25, ...


Photographs by Lucy Van Gorder

Lucy Van Gorder '14 is an excellent photographer and was recently recognized as a Gold Key winner in a national competition sponsored by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers. From Lucy: "All of these photos where taken with a 35mm film camera this spring. Many were taken around my house (out in the countryside ...


SciFri: Solar Eclipse 5/20/2012!

Abram Nothnagle takes us to the frontiers of science. Every Friday. On Sunday there was a solar eclipse visible in the United States and around the world. I hope all of you managed to get a look at it. I know I did. This was the first time in my life that I actually witnessed ...


SciFri: First Contact

Abram Nothnagle takes us to the frontiers of science. Every Friday. [Editors: Wouldn't it be nice if it were Friday?] Sci-fi movies these days seem to be focusing on aliens. Apparently, beings from another planet have become a very popular theme in the media. Most of these movies depict these alien encounters as being very ...


Photographs by Eli Shepherd

Photographs taken by Eli Shepherd of rehearsals for City High's production of "Chicago."


Poetry Contest Winners!

City High's 2012 poetry contest has drawn to a close, and it was a remarkably strong year. Without further ado: Congratulations to Annika Bergstrom, who was awarded first place in the contest for her spare poems "Milo" and "Jail Ditty." Erin Danielson is our second place winner, for her imaginative pieces "One Night" and "Silent." ...


SciFri: Exoplanets

Abram Nothnagle takes us to the frontiers of science. Every Friday.  For a long time, man has pondered the existence of planets elsewhere in the universe. It has now been accepted that they do exist beyond our solar system; we now have the technology to observe them. These planets orbiting alien stars are known as ...



Welcome to the City High Review, where high quality work by City High students is published. We’ll post to the blog at least once a week, and the best of the blog will be collated into a print magazine at the end of every trimester. We’re only just getting started, so check back for new contests, features, ...



Max Friedman I remember the cracks in the sidewalk, The anguish that the grass in between them must have felt just trying to push through. The breeze that floated like a feather, soft, warm, maternal. The battered screen door escape hatch opening and closing, the inhale and exhale, of a broken body. I drift through, ...

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