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Departed by Diego Paciotto-Biggers

after waking up once a day God goes to the gym to lift the weight of the world   shortly after he reaches into the cabinet pulls out a package (“departed—5.19.16”) and warms it in the microwave for 20 seconds he proceeds to feed on the contents to store them eternally in the safety of ...

Backwards Girl by Mira Bohannan Kumar

Heel-toe slaps, Again and again. One foot in front of the Other; I am not running away I am moving forward but facing the wrong Direction. Dirty once-white toes careful on the bright white walk as balance fails Again and again. (Converse=opposite.) Worn once-black soles loud on the jet-black street as Traffic stops. A shout ...


Ballad of a Passionless Pickle

Poem by Xavier Fields I am a pickle; sitting in vinegar, thinking about how and when I will leave. I ferment. I prepare my immortal body for the future. Everything is jazz but I cannot sleep due to the summer heat. No, due to the roar of the nearby stadium.   Fifty-thousand people saturate that ...


For Someone I Have Known Since Birth

Poem by Sophia Schlesinger And my heart aches for you, you who finally stand at a crossroad you swore you had been running away from for what some may call years now.   A lifetime of watching you kick at stones has taught me much about you. One rock goes flying down an old, cracked ...


Sestina to the Smiths

Poem by Samuel Anthony In their car of laughing men and music, They hurdled along the empty road, Too far below the starlit sky. Through glass sheets of window laced by frost, They never saw the truck of ten tons Or its slanted eyes that shone blasts of light.   The air was struck by ...


Misty Eighteen

Poem by Rita Dang There is a Grey area Between the Black and White. There is a century Between the strides.   Tick, tock. Tick, tock.   It's raining outside again, Sky is crying for the farewell. It's the time to say goodbye. Bye, friends; bye, umbrella.   Tick, tock. Tick, tock.   It's another ...



Poem by Olivia Peterson Three plants sit at my window. when I bought them it was sunny and dry, fuzzy white patches on the thick, green, leaves. Now they sit against a dark and wet horizon. I try to tend to them every day, but they can’t get enough water.   I buy a spray ...



Poem by Olivia Parrott This soft dailiness deafens my eyes twitch to the muffled time-keeper it pierces my ears stay on pace-they all say my soul sweats the escaping salt confuses my circuitry this isn’t right but blood has never known where it is in the centrical schedule I can’t be human enough I try ...



Poem by Nina Dang atlas; you balance the heavens on your bare shoulders. the stars glisten in your sweat, wars are forged within your spine, and the tide bears along the nape of your craning neck. atlas; do you ache still?

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