Poem by Olivia Parrott This soft dailiness deafens my eyes twitch to the muffled time-keeper it pierces my ears stay on pace-they all say my soul sweats the escaping salt confuses my circuitry this isn’t right but blood has never known where it is in the centrical schedule I can’t be human enough I try ...



Poem by Nina Dang atlas; you balance the heavens on your bare shoulders. the stars glisten in your sweat, wars are forged within your spine, and the tide bears along the nape of your craning neck. atlas; do you ache still?


Natalie Holmes: Untitled

Poem by Natalie Holmes It doesn't really have to end But it feels like the right time. A minute ago, I was Conducting the air To a melancholy group of notes In my brimming brain. Now the atmosphere hangs dead before me, A blue haze obstructing my vision. It clumps in imperfect droplets And rolls ...


The Hopes of Young Black Men

                                       Poem by Miles Aron I am the son of beauty Not beauty born from physical Attraction but beauty born Of the struggles of my people it Is the struggle of a mother bearing and caring For ...


Accidentally in Love

Poem by Keryk Nikolas Kuiper I’m hanging by a moment, Thinking out loud, As if I don’t mind, As if We’re having the time of our Lives   Another night, Here without you, Stuck on a feeling, Jealous, As you take your time.   And, Since you’ve been gone, I bet my life, Till it’s ...


The Outcome

Poem by Isabelle Shutt Hot breath on parchment A sigh arises amidst the listless followers. So many have we conquered, So many have we outlived. The sighing of the dead trees A longing for the rustling of wind through leaves. For the feel of earth, chaotic with life. Manufactured perfection drifts without cause, Wavering the ...


Tennis Balls to Tentacles

Poem by Casey Yeaman The day I got a new life, was the day I died, twice. The neighbours I despise, because they make me despise myself. The morning comes, I awake to laughter, and crying. The road to work, lined with false ambition.   I’m ready, promotion.   The bubbles, robbing me of my ...



Poem by anonymous I wanted to write down Everything that I was feeling Everything that you caused But somehow The paper stayed empty And I couldn’t have described it Any better


Frozen Time

Poem by Annie Hartley I want to grab a freeze ray from my jacket pocket And fire it at the clock on the wall. The hands would freeze, Cuffed by delicate, frosty chains. Out from the clock's nucleus, the ice would spread Across time and space, Draped over every timeline Until the entire Universe looked ...



Poem by Anna Baynton Tell me I am not alone my only heart here in this house of dreams and secrets.   Tell me I am not alone when the moon is rising.   Tell me when I sit at the window, howling, tell me then that I am not alone.   Tell me that ...

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