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Photographs by Lucy Van Gorder

Lucy Van Gorder ’14 is an excellent photographer and was recently recognized as a Gold Key winner in a national competition sponsored by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers.

From Lucy: “All of these photos where taken with a 35mm film camera this spring. Many were taken around my house (out in the countryside — there is an abandoned farm near our house). The punk ones where taken downtown by the ‘silver buildings’ and in random alleys around town! The reason for my taking them is enjoyment, but also because I would like to pursue photography (especially fashion) in the future and I am trying to build up a portfolio. As for what my pictures mean or represent, I am simply trying to put across a surreal, other worldly, mystical, fairy tale sort of feeling (depending on the picture) but in others, such as a lot of the punk stuff, there is a very ‘of this world’ message, sort of the dark side of life.”

In order: “Limbs,” “Spindle,” “The Protector,” “The Staircase Mystery,” “Waif,” “Billowing”

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