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Meta Metaphors, Smiling Similes by Garrett Forbes

What is a metaphor for metaphor Could it make sense to say a simile They both compare so it shows what they’re for Maybe I could use some hyperbole   Metaphors are doves flying through the air Similes are like rocks, it is so hard Finding a single word for to compare making me so ...


Your Own by Bihotza James-Lejarcegui

Her sleeping dog’s wheezing breaths Mimic the rhythm Of her tears falling.   She has an ocean to fill A king sized bed all to herself. Where is her husband? A tear for the lost memories Of how his body felt next to hers. He is keeping his papers company Instead of her.   Her ...


Forgetful by Charlene Miller

  Bring your trumpet! Bring your phone! Bring your homework! Don´t leave it at home! Bring your backpack! Bring your shoe. Can´t be late dear It's time for school!


Fall by Rika Yahashiri

The trees change faces from green to brown crying tears drifting to the ground. The wind bites our faces as the season changes. Every step we take Crumple. Crunch. Crunch. is like the crackle of fireworks. Silvery crescent shows its face as the golden sun shys asleep. Purply hues stain the sky Like watercolors on ...


What is Lost by Caleigh Stanier

Barnacles soak the hem of her dress notoriously grainy and bitter thirteen lumps of quartz a lozenge of blue topaz rutted and scarred, A real diamond is never perfect. Windows jeweled with raindrops A dapper little gestapo man, flesh frozen gray sits quietly in a sunbeam * The phrases in this poem are sourced from ...


Denouement: the final resolution of the intricacies of a plot by Emma Nugent

God had forsaken him, but God had not forsaken me. On the verge of losing everything, Death was winning and I was self-deprecating. Scorned with a vague sadness, spiraling toward the stark grandeur of the chamber’s pale, stone perimeter, my  audible emotion gleamed. “It was an accident! Don’t you remember our plan?” Then the boundary ...


Salinger by Cecilia Thomas

In a time of nothing, Halfway between then and then, A gong sounds dimly, Beckoning out into the frosty yonder Tattered marigold petals Bracketed by a fading summer palm. Awakening to the sombient spring, Aspirations veiled in a shadow of white Remain without regret. Cloaked in the mirage, Revelling in the stillness of the cool, ...


By Any Other Name by Mira Bohannan Kumar

I have memories stretching back several years of seeing huge pink and white blossoms hanging on the bushes in our backyard in late spring. I once asked my mother what they were, and she told me they were peonies. That was the start of my love affair with the big, gentle flowers. I have a ...


Nacarat by Sam Anthony

On a rain-filled night the country road revealed to them its way those travelers that clung to hope they’d live another day.   Wary went the travelers past thickets and clicking pine willed onward on that barren Earth by the stubborn human spine.   They came upon a twisted house sprung from a fetid field ...


Die Hard Family Drinkers by Pablo Chavez

It ain’t a true family without any alcohol. Everyone may have had it here or there. Some party with it, Some use it to unwind, Some get shitfaced in a sorrow nightmare. Every house dedicates their ways differently. My own Mexican family has their own desires, To be in relation with such a devilish fire. ...