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Music Links: Students Making Music Online

Here are some links to places where City High students are putting their awesome original music. If you make music, send us a link or some files and we’ll put it up!

Elena Foster: http://soundcloud.com/elena-foster

Emily Braverman: http://soundcloud.com/bravergirl07

Erin Danielson: http://soundcloud.com/erin-danielson2*

Kole Butler: http://soundcloud.com/city-high-review (it’s on our SoundCloud)

Elijah Jones: He’s in the little picture, and he writes songs, but they’re not online! Ask him to sing for you sometime!

*Note from Erin: “I got the back up beat from YouTube . The name of the video that I borrowed my beat from is “Hard life hip-hop rap instrumental.” I do not own this song. Thanks for the inspirational beats.”

How did we do? Comment below or write us at cityhighreview@gmail.com!

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