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Poetry Bonanza: Part One

Here are some previously unpublished student poems. They cover a wide array of topics: heartbreak, money, depression, war, abstract philosophizing. We like all of them! Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments.

Untitled  by Kelly Edwards

Tiny blue lights ignite the sky
While the moon falls into place
We’ll sink like anchors out at sea
Waves wash over us like a thousand weights
Maybe one day we’ll find an escape into the sun
We could float out of this world
Into the next Galaxy
But, we’ve been here for years,
And I don’t know if we can escape
This place I’ve come to call home
The cold has become so comforting
My heart’s ice

Love Hurts by ChinaRose Wilson

I want to run, I want to hide
From all the pain you caused inside
I want to scream, I want to cry
I should just tell you goodbye
I want to move on, I just can’t let go
I love you & I’ll never say NO
When I was sad you were not here
I was broken but you didn’t care
You forgot that I have a heart, too
It was busy loving you
Many parts to my broken heart
From the day when it fell apart
My whole world came crashing down
But it fell without a sound
All the love that you stole
Left me standing in a hole
From the day my world fell apart
Now I’m standing here with a broken heart
Some broken hearts may never mend
Some memories may never end
Some wet tears may never dry
But my love for you will never die

World About Money by Marque Edwards

Money is everything to the world
Without it where would we be?
In the big city
Or in a black alley unseen in the shadows
Nothing to keep you warm but a small fire
In a condo in the hills or living in the trees behind them
Watching the world go by
Having nothing to having it all
There are two different worlds
And money rules them both

Behind the Laughter by Anna Bethke

My two lab partners sat and laughed like hyenas
‘Cause I poured too much water into the wrong-sized beaker.
They made some comment I can’t quite recall,
Something about my being stupid and all that.
So what did I do? I joined right in and laughed,
Just to make it seem like I wasn’t bothered,
But inside I was crushed, and I asked myself,
“What the hell is so wrong with mismeasuring water?
It’s just on the tabletop;
A single paper towel could sop it all up.
Man, what the fuck?
Why won’t these people just stop?
I thought they were nice.”
But I guess I was wrong.

I had never been mean to them,
No, never, not once, not as long as I’d lived,
But we were all young; maybe they could be forgiven
On the basis of their not knowing any better,
Though it depressed me regardless, like never before,
‘Cause their words hit me hard; they went right to the core.

I wonder to this day if they were aware
That they were stripping away what little self-esteem was still there.
Why else would they pick on the lonely kid?
Why else would they harass the dumbfuck misfit?
After all, the solitary, diminutive figure
Is ideal prey for those who can’t hurt anyone bigger.
Or maybe they didn’t mean to be so unkind.
Maybe the hyenas didn’t realize
That their laughter almost drove me to take my own life;
Maybe they didn’t know that I would cry myself to sleep that night.
Those two are lucky I’m not the murderous type,
‘Cause if I were I bet that neither of ’em would’a survived;
They wouldn’t have lived to see the end of the week.
Man, they’re lucky that they only picked on docile old me.

We haven’t talked about it since the day that it happened,
And I doubt the two of them even remember their laughter,
But I do, and It still makes me depressed on some days,
So pay attention to the message that this message conveys:
The simplest actions could cause a person to snap,
So please be careful at whom you laugh.

War by Daniel Stone

Part 1

Death glides across the night sky over the valley. A cold wind follows death’s path. Bullets whiz past the enemy’s head, death is in these bullets and when these bullets find their mark the soldier’s blood splatters with death taking their lives.

Part 2

The sniper aimed through his scope both eyes open. Then he sees an enemy soldier. The sniper closes one eye and inhales. Then he lets out half his breath and holds the rest in and pulls the trigger and the bullet zooms out of the gun and, as if in slow motion, hits the enemy in the head. The booming shot echoes through the city. The head shot was the luckiest shot the sniper had pulled off. He had hit the lieutenant.

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