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Poem by Morgan Michalski ’17. Runner Poetry Contest 2014

Friendship is a necklace
Worn in the shower
To bed
At soccer games
And band concerts

Friendship is a necklace
Worn above your beating heart
When you cry
And when you sweat
When Life is perfect
When it’s a mess

Friendship is a necklace
Chain broken,
Yanked from the neck
Charm snapped in half
Thrown in the trash

Friendship was a necklace
You wore too many times
The cheap metal had begun to oxidize
Leaving rusty imprints on your shirt and your chest
But still out of all your jewelry you liked it the best

Friendship is now a necklace
That clinks as it hits the bottom of the can
That you think you hear whimpering as you take out the trash
That ended up in the landfill to waste and to rot
That you still can’t admit about it,

you care an awful lot

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