The Longest Movie

Poem by Zihan Dang, ’17.

Images are shifting on the screen.

Children are chatting.

Women are whispering.

Men are sleeping.

No one is watching.


I remember in the subway last night,

I am waiting on the platform.

All by myself.

In that cold and silence,

I can feel the beat of the wind,

The breath of the track.

That’s the longest time I have spent.


I remember the first time on

The road to my primary school,

There’s crying,

From my little, lifeless soul.

The bird is crying,

The tree is crying.

The tears on my face

Betoken the intense fear

Besetting my body.

That’s the longest road I have passed.


I remember the incident in that winter,

Cold water is engulfing my body.

I keep sinking and sinking,

I feel death is coming,

Until a hand catch me.

When I open my eyes,

The sky is teal.

That’s the longest dream I have had.

Now I am sitting here,

Watching the images shift

On the canvas of life.

People are waiting.

People are fearing.

People are risking.

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