Maeve Ward: Untitled

Poem by Maeve Ward

Like a fish,

I swim in warm harmonies

before careening into a new chord.

As I drift into C,

I feel my soul vibrating

in sync with my reed.


this collection of humans

what joyful sounds we make.

How privileged am I

to be able to partake

in this group of musicians?


As I dive into a new wave of sound

I feel at home

because somehow

this harmony knows me,

familiar with all the inner

workings of my mind,

just as I know each note

and all of the secret passageways

that lie beneath the melody.


I feel a certain affinity

with all of the people in the room.

This song is bigger than all of us

and so it swallows us whole

and makes us one.


I pay attention to my fingers

no longer.

Instead I let them dance and flutter

while I relax into the sound

they have gifted to me

and it is joyful and hopeful and

bursting with warmth and wonderment.


Although I may try to manufacture

an experience like this,

I know I won’t be able to

so I just sit back and sigh

and let my problems disappear for a while


and I smile

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