Anna Baynton: Glamour

Poem by Anna Baynton

People say when you’re in love,

You forget your sweetheart’s flaws,

But only for a while.

They say after the glamor has worn away

After the scales have fallen from your eyes

After you see what is and not what might have been,

You come to know each of your darling’s faults and failings

And you choose, albeit painfully, whether you’ll accept the whole

Or leave all in your past.

But I’m here to tell you

That although that’s absolutely true,

‘Only for a while’ is different for everyone.

For me it’s lasted nine hundred and seventy-three years – next Monday.

She has a very strong glamor.


(Oh – don’t think I’m stupid, because logically,

And academically,

I know she’s evil, totally evil,

And I realize she thinks nothing of me.

But who cares?

Not me.

Not yet.

Not yet.

My heart’s delusional and won’t listen to my mind

Which has been trying to play psychiatrist to an organ.)

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