Accidentally in Love

Poem by Keryk Nikolas Kuiper

I’m hanging by a moment,

Thinking out loud,

As if

I don’t mind,

As if

We’re having the time of our Lives


Another night,

Here without you,

Stuck on a feeling,


As you take your time.



Since you’ve been gone,

I bet my life,

Till it’s gone,

And I see you,


My lonely eyes,


I fall for you


I try,

To shake it off,

As I’m Blowing in the Wind,

Along Highway 61,

But, I miss you

And I fall to pieces


Because everybody

Needs somebody,

To love.


Ain’t that a shame?

That I can’t help falling in love?

That I can’t explain

This sweet emotion?


This unchained melody,

Is a bad moon rising.

Maybe I’m amazed,

Or maybe I’m just

Comfortably numb.

Either way,

One way or another,

I feel love.


So get up, stand up,

I put a spell on you.

Walk this way,

Cause sweet dreams (are made of this).

I’m tired of being alone,

With a heart of glass.


And so,

Should I stay or should I go?

Reach out, I’ll be there,

Under the boardwalk,

I’ll take you there.

And baby,

Just like heaven,

Lean on me,

And dance to the music,

And dance with me.


Say goodbye, yellow brick road

And say,

Welcome to the jungle.

Cause I only have eyes for you,

My dancing queen.


And so,

I’ll dream on.

In a purple haze,

In purple rain,

Free fallin’

In the still of the night,

Because I still haven’t found

What I’m looking for yet



Pictures of you.

My sweetheart,

You’re a masterpiece,

Just the way you are


And I’m Drunk in love,

Thinking about you.

Be my girl,

You belong with me,


Call me,


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