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A Godless Hell-Ryan Carter

Another day survived

Even the Sunset is in need of repair

One more fight forgotten and archived


From home, they send without care

But here the story isn’t true

We rest in the depths of despair


The God I once knew

Only a mere decay

Light turning to dark blue


Grasping the edge of the bay

Deep as blood red

The beginning of a new day


Rising out of bed

Breath withered and tattered

Exhaling the weight of pure lead


More missions to do, like they even matter

Flames of light scald our skin

Lonely and soaked as Titan orbiting Saturn


The sound of a pin

Ringing through the mangrove

Commencement ceremony of sin


Everyone dove

Green to red, white to black

My body and the plants interwove


God’s eternal darkness ready to attack

Friendly is not a word to mix with fire

Just another body to pack


Next to me rolls a tire

Floating upward toward the sky

Rising up higher


I refuse to live this lie

People around me yell

My last breath a sigh


God can only tell

Why was this world brought into existence

If there is one I hope to go to—–

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