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Mongolian Invasion-Aiden Spurgetis

Horses gallop, string is tight,

Eye of hawk, fletching’s flight,

Bodies burning, flaming night,

Dethroning foe by cosmic right.


Curse your hordes, curse your bow!

Leave us, our wives, our land alone!


Scorching lipid, flickering flood,

Carcasses, wet with mud,

City streets, pathed with rud,

Crimson color of the blood.


Curse your horses, savage foe!

We bow our heads, you strike us low!


Arrows fly, the men they drench,

Piercing flesh, destined stench,

Bodies pile up, on the trench,

Avaricious without quench.


Curse your hammer, iron woe!

Sons of ours you scatter, sow!

For all we give, for all you take-

To all you cleave, our land you rake.

Please. Please!


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