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Ruptrued Abode-Aiden Spurgetis

Your world,



Shards too sharp, lingering,



The pieces that fit, changed,

So the puzzle will never be reassembled.


At ground zero fires remain.

Although less, the younger you are,

The burns stay.


One world, in a moment,



Lit half by Sun, half by Moon,

Still you.


Both forces vying for control,

Gravity’s pulling, leaving their toll,


Or perhaps the voice that set us into motion,

Showed grace in and through,


Working in harmony,

Both Sun and Moon.


Although understanding is there, warfare happens,

each side leading it’s own Crusade.


Ambassador for both sides,

Claiming neutrality, hoping neither side will win.


You; rose in this crucible, may burn, may thrive,

but thorns remain.


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