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The Life of a Bridesmaid and Groom-Josephine Pongo

Raps of guns fill the air

Bridesmaid and groom are in the midst of a new life

Red liquids surrounds each corner

Pastor is sprinting for his life


They’ve become one fresh

But where is the house to call home?

Uncle leaves the keys to the farm house

“Start your new life here” he says


Groom’s view is blind to living in a chaotic country

DRC: The place of his birth and childhood

The only way to make a living is going somewhere

He journeys to an exotic country on feet


Bridesmaid and groom have become singles

They are split like ice glaciers

No sun between the two to feel the warmth

Life has become a desert

No signs of rain of blessings seems to show any symptoms

Their voices have no communication

But there’s still a teardrop of hope between the two

That God is a waymaker


Groom is burdened with a mountain

It makes her slower than a snail

A boat comes to her rescue

It leads her with no sight of direction

The destination is among foreigners

Who seem to speak gibberish

Two days of walking leave her half dead

She collapse on the church’s door


Groom’s living as become physically happy

But inside is dreading for a touch

The ongoing rain storms makes it worse


He receives a rapid call that almost shut down his store

He throws the phone down like it burned his hands

He feels a sudden peace and joy he hasn’t felt for two gruesome years


He runs faster than a car

He’s dripping in fine fresh rain


The hospital looks like paradise

He rushes in and his hit with a weight load of tears

Tears of joy


Bridesmaid brought him a present

They’ve become three

No longer singles but parents.

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