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To a Virus-Aiden Spurgetis

Is a virus truly alive?

That deathly monster,

If it needs a host to survive?


The virus,

Entering by organic lie.

That saboteur:

Sentencing living cells to die.


This virus,

Strange structure, it lacks nuclei.

Chaotic havoc,

Forcing fever to foam and rise.


But a virus is without malice,

Merely a minute machination,

Mustering another’s life for itself.


The same cannot be said for you.


You, the hate-filled human, darkness fueled,

Horrifying heart by which you hem

Harrowed victims callously locked within.


Garnering pity by your din.

Wicked hypocrite!,

The accuser who cannot sin.


Who drew us to you as your kin.

Grim opportunist,

Seizing our open hearts to rend.

We bleed out from your words sharp as knives.

So tell us, are you truly alive?

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