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Untitled -Dylan Walsh

Okay so basically


Poems are interesting things

You write them

Like this

You have the FIRST LINE here

Then you have a space between the SECOND LINE

And every line is usually about SEVEN words long, but it could be longer

Commonly, you’ll also see poems rhyming, using words that end in similar pronounced ways at similar points

Like this

You usually put a lot of TIME into a poem

Because it takes quite a bit of creativity to RHYME in a poem

Poems even have some kind of rhythm to it, where it will use alliterations to talk about one thing in multiple lines

Like this

Each line usually contains things that are SYNONYMOUS to each other

This allows the author to make things that seem different to each other actually look SIMILAR

Like, for example, it could make a sea animal and land animal seem almost completely IDENTICAL

Finally, poems usually have some kind of cliché ending to them that ties in with the title or main point/question of the story

Like this

Author: Dylan Walsh

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