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October 26, 2012

by Emily Braverman

This is my 16th year.

For seeing, smiling, wanting,

dreaming, hearing (somewhat), loving, and living.

I think I know everything by now.

(I don’t.)

I’m in my 863rd week here

I’ve seen underrated wisdom radiate off of withered faces.

I know it to be beautiful

and wish to follow in its footsteps.

(I don’t.)

I am now in my 114,912 hour.

I’ve seen life pop out of hidden hills

with the coming of each summer.

I’ve grasped this life, welcoming with open arms.

I want nothing more than to spend every waking moment

with you wandering the fields

taking the life in my hands.

Applying it to my own.

(I don’t.)

This is my 8,694,720th minute on Earth.

An unfathomable number-

those minutes boil down to stories, memories.

I have had 8,694,720 minutes to define myself.

By now I think I’ve got it figured out.

(I don’t.)

I’m now in my 521,683,200th second.

I could tell you everything-

every book I’ve read.

every story told,

every lesson learned,

every song sung,

every plant harvested,

every smile given,

every word I wish to say-but haven’t.


(I don’t.)

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