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Poetry Contest Winners!

Another April has come to a close, and with it, the Review’s poetry contest. This time around, though, we had a year of experience under our belt, not to mention many, many more poems to choose from. There were no clear standouts – we read many strong poems that spanned a variety of themes and styles. The ones we chose showed impressive rhyming patterns, painted complex emotional portraits, were intense, and mostly seemed to capture one moment in time. We have had to let more than a few well-composed, original, thoughtful poems go unnamed for now. They will not go unpublished, though! (More on that later.) Without further ado: Honorable mentions:

Finalists: 3. “A Sestina” by Matt Lee 2. “It’s 6:00pm on a Tuesday” by Nat Alder 1. “Smoke” by Max Friedman 1. “Untitled” by Sarah Burns

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