Donald Fouch: American Dreamin

I swear life ain’t never what it really play out/../
Datz on my Dream/…/
I’m fightin a rainy year/
Cryin out my screen//
A wise woman once tweeted…
I ain’t livin high if not in a dream//
Cold wishez refridge my greatest opera as I sing—-
Like Adam Lambert/…
My maddest portrait could make an angel cry/
I’m steady injectin this fire watchin my veinz fry//
Life izn’t fair so as my balance as I hang—/

Mercy show me the way
I’ve hit DUI on this plane!!!
But I’m lifetimez away
Yet it neva hurts to pace
Smokin praisez to grace conject the mace and hit the face
Death jus waits
I’ve always dreamed o his facial recognition
My blatant vision intensez like Deadly Cervical syndromes
Runnin wit the hurricanez—like I’ve pressed the warning through death
So fuckin gone wit the wind I make Champions down their engines
…Tears lynchin my mother’s passion
got me reachin 4 the black rugar under the mattress
head fifth pop him then dumb the corp near Dallas
then later residing my residentials in the madness
…I pledge Guilty!!!
Pledge Guilty yur honor
Since silence has broken mentally then I’m a need a doctor
Got the pride of a boxer

run wit the opera suicidal from the top
I think I spot a helicopter
I hope that rescue isn’t comin for me
If so this cliff’s behind me I’ll make dis note then go where my death could find me
Fuck am I thinking?
I must b dreamin of Pain
My story pack so much force at once it could levit the rain
…dey keep telling dat dis ain’t for me
was u dere wen Trayvon’s skittlez fell and his eyez drew close then his pulse dropped low
his Arizona spilled cold
Fedz knockin on his door
Wonderin is his mother’s home
I’m surely ready to go
No longer live there
Askin the lord to have my reservations wen I get dere
Nice I’ll probably leave tonight x2


Note: Donald came to City briefly last spring and has since been out of contact. If you know him, let him know he’s been published!

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